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Water and Sewage Company of Szczecin (PL)
(Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp z o.o. w Szczecinie ZWiK)

Located on the river Odra, the port city of Szczecin plays an important role in the nutrient load to the Baltic Sea. During the past years the city has carried out large investments with the financial support of the EU structural funds to modernize its waste water treatment facilities. The treatment processes of “Pomorzany“ (418 000 population equivalents) and “Zdroje“ (177 000 p.e.) WWTPs can still be fine-tuned to reach the HELCOM recommendation for phosphorus removal.

In PURE The Water and Sewage Company of Szczecin’s

  • WWTPs will be audited and operational solutions and possible needed investments for enhanced phosphorus removal will be sought
  • sludge handling practices will be reviewed and possible improvements proposed