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Sewage Management Facilities Lübeck, Entsorgungsbetriebe Lübeck (DE)

In Sewage Management Facilities Lübeck the HELCOM recommendation is achieved; the current level of phosphorus in outgoing waste waters is below 0,2 mg/l with an elimination rate of 99,0 % (400 000 population equivalents). Lübeck shares a strong commitment to joint efforts and transnational cooperation to tackle the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

In PURE Sewage Management Facilities Lübeck

  • shares its good practices with those cities that currently do not reach the HELCOM recommendation
  • has a key role in sludge handling activities of PURE as one of its key challenges currently is the need to develop more sustainаble ways to handle the sludge
  • hosts a project workshop concentrating in sludge handling including a study visit to its sewage treatment facilities