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Riga Water Ltd, SIA Rīgas ūdens (LV)

Riga Water Ltd is providing water supply, collection of wastewater and wastewater treatment for the city of Riga and agglomeration. The WWTP Daugavgriva's design capacity is 750 000 – 1 000 000 population equivalents and the purified wastewater is discharged directly to the Baltic Sea, to the Gulf of Riga. Implementing the HELCOM recommendation in Riga will reduce the annual discharge of phosphorus to the Baltic Sea by approximately 100 tons compared to the year 2008.

The role of Riga Water Ltd in PURE project implementation

  • pilot investor for improved phosphorus removal from Riga city waste waters;
  • the investment in Riga consists of chemical dosing, flow measuring equipment and a centrifuge – the equipment for steering phosphorous removal processes
  • hosting one of the project workshops including a study visit to Daugavgriva WWTP