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PURE tackles phosphorus loads from wastewater treatment plants

Photos: PURE/Lotta Ruokanen.
Photos: PURE/Lotta Ruokanen.
Altogether PURE aims at annual reduction of at least 300-500 tons of eutrophying phosphorus load. This is done by supporting selected wastewater treatment plants to reach a phosphorus content of 0.5 mg/liter in outgoing wastewater.

The investment needs were not equal for all PURE partner water companies. Therefore, a technical study was conducted at Brest (Belarus), Kohtla-Järve (Estonia), Szczecin, Gdansk (Poland) and Jurmala (Latvia) wastewater treatment plants to establish the most cost-effective measure of phosphorus removal.

See the results on the technical audits.

Based on the results of PURE technical audits, investments were realized at Brest and Jurmala during the project. Riga Daugavgriva wastewater treatment plant was a pilot investor in PURE. The investment in Riga includes dosing equipment and flow meters for chemical phosphorus removal and centrifuge for better excess sludge management. These investment needs were identified already prior to PURE.

PURE has developed and presented sustainable ways to handle the wastewater sludge. The best practices and new technologies in sustainable sludge handling were compiled and published as a guidebook (with an appendix). PURE also produces a publication on enhanced phosphorus removal.

The activities in technical audits, investments and sludge handling studies in PURE were coordinated by John Nurminen Foundation.