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Mariehamn Town, Mariehamns stad (FI)

UBC member city Mariehamn was one the cities initiating a joint project to tackle the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. Mariehamn has a well functioning WWTP of 30 000 population equivalents and Mariehamn’s Environmental department is well advanced in developing its environmental monitoring system.

In PURE Mariehamn Town

  • will be the responsible partner for developing the monitoring system for a database of the municipal nutrient loads around the Baltic Sea region
  • assists UBC EnvCom in compiling the first round data from the municipalities
  • cooperates actively with UBC EnvCom and HELCOM in the dissemination activities
  • acts as a good example for the municipalities that do not yet reach the HELCOM recommendation and is committed to improve its own waste water management practices