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Implementation process of PURE investment in Brest

In May 2010 the project consultant visited Brest municipal wastewater treatment plant, after which was agreed that during September – October 2010 Brestvodokanal would monitor incoming phosphorous concentrations to the plant in order to improve the dimensioning of the planned investment. In the end of October 2010, the project consultant delivered the final results of technical audit, based on which it was decided:

  • to build and equip chemical storing and dosing station in old, unused pre-aeration basins
  • to purchase laboratory analysis equipment of phosphate and total phosphorus for optimizing the treatment process.

Brest WTTP substantially lacked the capacity for efficient biological nutrient removal, therefore introducing chemical precipitation of phosphorus had been found to be the quickest and most cost-efficient way to reduce the phosphorus load. This was also needed in order to reach the HELCOM recommendation, since the incoming phosphorus loads to the plant were too high even if the biological treatment process was to be refurbished.

Chemical storage. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC
Chemical storage. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC


The procurement for local adaptation of the detailed plans and construction works

The first tender to carry out design and survey works was launched 31.12.2010 as an open local tender timely received two offers: from “Alfamodul” Ltd. and ODL “Brest Engineering Group” (ODL “BRIG”). The contract between Brestvodokanal and the company “BRIG” was signed on 25.1.2013. The price of the local design contract was 28109, 73 EUR. Conclusion of the technical design expertise was received 20.07.2011.

The second tender for construction works on the construction object "Dosing and storing suite for the chemical removing biogenic sediments in the wastewater treatment and the reconstruction of the existing prooxygenator", in accordance with Belarusian national requirements included also tendering for the surface coating works of the basins for chemical reagents. It was launched 23.12.2011 following the open local procedure, and has received three offers: from JSC “Stroykompleks”, CUE “Brestgorremstroytresta” and “ElitBiznesStroy” Ltd. The contract with “Stroykompleks” was concluded on 14.03.2012, for the price of 104 000 EUR.

After some difficulties to finding a proper subcontractor to the coating works of the basins for chemical reagents, in August 2012 Brestvodokanal hired the company “Promdorresurs” as a subcontractor. The coating works took place in winter 2012-2013.

The procurement for the supplies and installation of the equipment for accelerated phosphorus removal

Bretsvodokanal launched the third tender for the equipment delivery and installation on 18.7.2012, following the international open procedure. Information about the tender was published on the official PURE webpage and Brestvodokanal’s home page(http://www.bvod.by/). Tender deadline had been prolonged three times till January 2013 since no offers were received. After a consultation with the co-funder, the tender procedure was changed to negotiated procedure. Brestvodokanal invited companies that had shown interest regarding the tender to negotiations held on 13.–14.2.2013. By the deadline Brestvodokanal had received two offers. The first offer from Altenergy was discarded since it did not comply with the administrative and technical requirements. The second tender from Watem OY complied with all the requirements, but its sum 494 890 EUR exceeded the available budget. To reduce the costs, it was necessary to remove some of the equipment from the tender. Eventually, the contract included the following scope of the supply:

  • dosing pumps with piping with frequency transformers (tot. 6 pieces)
  • transfer pump and drainage pump with piping
  • filters and screens
  • chemical pipes for the tanks
  • valves unions fittings with primary support
  • mechanical mixer for dilution tank
  • piping from pumping room to dosing points, trace heated
  • MCC Motor Control Centre for Chemical pumping station

Content of the equipment supply was negotiated so that according to the project consultant, the outcome and purpose of the investment were not compromised. The contract between Brestvodokanal and the company Watem OY was signed on 5.3.2013. The price of the equipment comprised 230 430 EUR. Equipment delivery took place in July 2013 and installations were ready by the 27.8.2013.

Pumping room. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC
Pumping room. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC

Future plans

During the ending of PURE implementation the newly purchased equipment was tested and the WWTP staff trained to use the phosphorus removal system as a part of the supply contract. Optimizing the treatment process and thus, the usage of chemical, however, needs more long-term tests. The results of the water treatment process depend e.g. on the choice of chemical, on mixing conditions at the feeding points and the quality of incoming wastewaters.

In 26 March 2013, the Republic of Belarus signed two loan contracts for the implementation of reconstruction projects - 18 million euro from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and up to 25 million euro from the Nordic Investment Bank. Among other cities, the project foresees reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant in Brest. The NIB-financed project will also receive grant funds from the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP) and the governments of Finland and Sweden for a total amount of up to 21 million EUR. Funds are targeted to water canal development programs, assist in procurement and monitor implementation of projects.

Chemical pumping and dosing station. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC
Chemical pumping and dosing station. Photo: Pekka Salminen/ UBC