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Final conference

The City of Gdansk, Union of the Baltic Cities and Helsinki Commission have jointly organized the event entitled “Practical experiences on advanced municipal sewage treatment”PURE FINAL CONFERENCE.

The event presented the results of PURE project in Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Latvia and Poland; reflect the Polish national situation and also international views on the role of municipal waste water treatment in reaching EU norms and HELCOM recommendations. PURE partner water companies have implemented concrete investments to enhance their phosphorus removal and have planned improvements in their sludge management. We promote practical experiences in problem solving and provide inspiration and ideas for further work. Voluntary commitments to improve waste water and sewage sludge treatment emphasize the importance of local actions – impact of which extend wide beyond the local borders of municipalities.

The conference took place on 16-17th of October 2012, in New Town Hall at Wały Jagiellońskie 1, Gdansk, Poland.


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"Concrete Improvements in Baltic Wastewater Treatment" - PURE Final Conference media release

PURE Final Conference presentations, 16-17 October 2012

Photos: PURE/Lotta Ruokanen.
Photos: PURE/Lotta Ruokanen.