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PURE Benchmark

The user-friendly and practical PURE Benchmark has been developed by local users for practical needs like reporting and anonymous benchmarking. This data tool monitors the level of waste water treatment and technology used in the Baltic Sea region.

The best WWTPs and municipalities that voluntarily reach the HELCOM recommendation in waste water treatment are highlighted and promoted. The recommendation was adopted by the HELCOM Contracting Parties in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan in 2007.

Find the PURE Benchmark here: www.purebenchmark.net

For water company or municipality there is:

  • a direct access to the tool and anonymously to the benchmarking service to view profiles of the water companies using the best practices
  • a possibility to add and update organisation’s own data whenever there is a need to, also mass data upload possible
  • a chance to provide external stakeholders with accurate and up-to-date information without heavy and laborious centralised reporting
  • matchmaking between water companies, financiers and municipal decision-makers

The PURE Benchmark supports the Baltic Sea protection by

  • gathering descriptive information from individual waste water treatment plants of the technology used and nutrient inputs from municipalities in the Baltic Sea region
  • encouraging for benchmarking by showing the best results
  • assisting in updating of the HELCOM monitoring of municipal waste water treatment

After registering, activated municipalities/WWTPs are able to add records of their annual performances. Data asked for the record is divided into three sheets of general information, information on nutrients and sludge energy. General information includes basic data about the WWTP’s characteristics and processes, sludge management and practices, and recipient area of the Baltic Sea. The section on nutrients, asks information about wastewater flow and overflow, incoming and outgoing phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia nitrogen, as well as about biological and chemical oxygen demand. In the section on sludge energy, it is inquired about energy purchase, production and management. For full overview of the record form, the example page containing all sheets is available for download. It should be noted, that filling in all the fields is not compulsory, and there is a possibility to change records of your municipality/WWTP at any time.

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In the building up and technical testing phase of the PURE Benchmark, project partner Mariehamn town has shared its experiences of data management with the Project Steering Group and other PURE partners. The tool is built on the experiences from UBC Member Cities Sustainable development surveys and the UBC good practice database.